FreshCube protects your fresh foods when they’re at their most sensitive. On the FreshCube Express page, the benefits of a small scale portable container was shown. That universal solution can be combined with all fridge types, and is useful at home, when on the move, or when visiting friends who are throwing a party.

The regular FreshCube however, offers a more kitchen integrated approach for larger amounts of stored product and a larger variety of product types.

Say you’d like to store all your fresh foods under low oxygen conditions. Why stop with lettuce right? Meat, fish, fruit and most vegetables benefit hugely by removing oxygen exposure. The trick is, different product categories need different storage conditions, both in temperature and low-oxygen intensity. With the fridge integrated FreshCube it’s possible to realise those conditions.

So, what does that mean? Every drawer has a job to do, one is a fish and meat protector, the other specialises in keeping fruit fresh as long as possible. The drawers are fully sealed when closed, and as soon as you close them, the fridge with FreshCube technology inside, starts to create the optimal environment for your foods.

Have a look at the illustrations to see what we mean, the top FreshCube is a stand-alone kitchen-integrated unit, the lower one combines the regular fridge with a FreshCube drawer compartment in the bottom half.

In practise, this reduces waste, and moreover, it always guarantees you have fresh food stored for use, whether unopened, or as left-overs, even when the original packaging protecting it was already discarded. It’s a solution that is friendly to your taste buds, the environment and your wallet.

A second benefit of having an kitchen-integrated FreshCube system is the availability of a built-in nitrogen flush source. Of course, this is normally used for the FreshCube, or the FreshCube Express, but if you think about it, a great deal of other products also benefit from a low-oxygen environment. A bottle of wine for example, turns acid and loses flavour after opening, and fresh fruit juices turn stale and discolour very quickly. FreshCube technology can make those problems disappear, not with magic, but with versatile smartness.
Remember those entry and exit valves on the FreshCube Express? One lets nitrogen in, the other lets oxygen out and after a few seconds of pumping nitrogen in, the oxygen is flushed out. Well, we also developed a single removable valve for bottles that does both those things in one. That’s how FreshCube can also keep your best beverages fresh and delicious. No replacement cartridges needed, no hand-pumping required. Simply use the pressurised nitrogen source in your FreshCube enabled kitchen.

Benefits of the Freshcube

  • Integrated in you kitchen
  • Optimal storage for products with a short shelf-life
  • Less waste, very sustainable