The FreshCube is “out of the box” thinking turned reality; never waste cut vegetables again, with this smart new storage solution.

If you ever wasted half a crop of lettuce because it was simply to much for one portion, you’ll know what a waste this can cause. If you have any rabbits or chickens, they might enjoy the old leaves, but for most of us, the fresher, the greener, the crunchier, the better.

We know the lettuce turns yellow quickly after cutting it, because of the oxygen in the air, which starts to degrade the exposed cutting edges. The lettuce’s natural protection is effectively ruined by opening the leaves up, and while cold storage helps to make sensitive cut vegetables like these live a longer life, it’s far from ideal because it doesn’t take away the oxygen.

Fortunately, there is a brand new and easy to use solution to that common problem. The FreshCube Express offers a convenient way to store sensitive cut vegetables, such as your previously wasted halved crop of lettuce. How? Well, it’s actually pretty simple, like most great ideas usually are, but revolutionary nonetheless.

The FreshCube Express is in it’s simplest description a storage container, or “a box”. We coloured it vegetable green, so it’s always clear which box to grab for when searching for fresh as can be left-overs. It comes in various sizes and has a trendy design to make it look good in your kitchen.

So what’s so special about the box besides that it’s not a sight for sore eyes? In essence, the box preserves the lettuce, or any other product that suffers from oxygen spoilage, by offering a special atmosphere that contains only nitrogen. The air that you breath contains mostly nitrogen, and oxygen. You need the latter, and discard the first while breathing. For cut vegetables, nitrogen offers protection from the damage that oxygen does; talk about reversed interests!

So, the idea is that the box protects our product from oxygen. To get there, the container lid contains two very different valves, visible on the opposing edges of the white lid. One of these valves selectively allows nitrogen to enter and is connected to a nitrogen source. The other valve only allows oxygen to exit. What you end up with is basically a set of 2 traffic lights that control the passage of specific gasses in and out of the box.

So, that’s all scientific talk, but what does it do to help our lettuce problem? Well, as nitrogen is allowed into the box through the entry valve hole, it starts to fill the interior, pushing the oxygen out the exit valve hole. That’s what we call a nitrogen flush. The nitrogen can’t escape because the exit hole is only open to oxygen, so it’s trapped inside the box, together with the cut lettuce.

Suddenly, the damaging oxygen is no longer a threat to freshness. The lettuce is safely stored and the box can be placed in your fridge or a cool box. When you’re ready to prepare your fresh salad, just open the sealed lid and take the lettuce out. It’s that simple, and if you still didn’t finish that crop, just flush it again!

Hang on though, you might be wondering what the source of nitrogen actually is. Perhaps you have soda machine at home, which pushes carbon-dioxide into a liquid to make carbonated drinks, or soda pops. Those require refill cannisters that are heavy to carry around from the store and are often even difficult to get. We’re proud to say that in our solution, the needed gas comes from the air and never requires a refill besides a bit of healthy ventilation. For more information on how that works, have a look at FreshCube main page.

Easy, natural, smart, and sustainable, that’s the beauty of FreshCube

Benefits of the Freshcube Express

  • Easy to use
  • No additional appliances or gas re-fills needed
  • Save your fresh food up to 1 month longer
  • Save your prepared meals up to 5 days longer
  • Easy to store