With FreshCube out ambition was to create the perfect match for private kitchen-use by families. The FreshCube Express built upon that foundation by offering a means to make the freshness in a box portable. Last, but certainly not least, is FreshCube XL, which caters for the Professional users in restaurants and large-scale food preparation and gastronomic facilities. FreshCube XL offers the same benefits of FreshCube, but at a much larger scale and with an additional system for on-demand temperature control.

Stand-alone FreshCube drawers can be used to store all manner of fresh products at ultra low-oxygen level to prolong the shelf life all the while retaining optimal quality. The technicalities of this XL system are very similar to the regular FreshCube set-up  Where the similarities end are both the increased size and the capability to set the temperature of specific storage rooms or drawers very close to 0 degrees Celsius, just above freezing point, without ever dipping beneath that crucial temperature. This allows fresh cut products to enjoy the benefits of low oxygen, as well as near zero degrees storage. The latter slows down product “breathing” or respiration to a crawl, essentially putting the fresh product in hibernation mode. That preserves energy and as a consequence helps extend the shelf-life even further. Only FreshCube XL technology is able to facilitate such a low temperature without ever going in freezing territories. A conventional cooling system would simply float around that point and cause frostbite  also known as cold injury, where the product freezes. If that happens even once, for just a few seconds, you can kiss your premium fresh salads good bye.

At worst, you’ll be left with a green puddle, a far cry from the best premium product.  That’s why sorted out the technology for you, the busy entrepreneur  so you can focus on running a business and the passion of cooking excellent foods. Our mission is to offer convenience and the best quality, without worries or effort, and that’s what makes FreshCube unique.

FreshCube allows for your system of choice to be tailor made for specific product ranges and their optimal storage conditions. The actual benefits reach beyond simply more shelf-life for fresh produce. The implications are many, and they are plenty. First of all, FreshCube will ensure your business has less product waste due to spoilage, simply because of the real-time modified low oxygen atmosphere each time you close the storage container, and of course through to the cutting-edge climate control. Secondly, through the ability to use smaller portions regardless of the frequency  it offers more culinary options at lower discarding cost.
No more careful pre-planning which pre-packed fresh products to open when, or when to cut the fresh vegetables.

Your kitchen logistics will become more dynamic. With FreshCube, you decide what you need and take, on demand, every time, all the time. The storage system will sort out the ideal storage conditions, at your service. Lastly, more ideal storage capacity means you can also purchase in larger quantities, which may offer substantial quantum discounts at your fresh whole-seller  FreshCube takes away the weakest link in your process, FreshCube empowers your business to optimise and never sacrifice quality.

Benefits of the Freshcube XL

  • Prolonged freshness
  • Less waste
  • Increased portion flexibility
  • Opportunity to store and purchase in bulk