What’s the number one annoyance when buying fruits and vegetables, especially the more exotic ones like Mango, Melon and Avocado? That’s right, them being unripe and therefore unfit for use when you want to use them. Actually, it’s not “right” at all, it’s plain wrong. These fresh products often expensive and have to make a long journey from far far away growing locales across the globe, only to end up in your shopping cart hard as a brick.

Granted, this is partially intentional. You see in order to survive that long trip, all these products are harvested at a very unripe stage and often sprayed with ripening gas just before shipping. They’re supposed to mature on the way over to your store, but often the ripening doesn’t get going at all, or it fails to pull through towards the desired state; a full juicy flavour, an often vibrant color and a softness that’s just right. There’s little we can do about the supply chain, save for wrapping each piece of ripe fruit in bubble foil and shipping them individually with express mail. Talk about a super-premium niche market!

But no that would be ridiculous. We believe the products at harvest will stay mostly unripe and therefore “tough”  in order to withstand the shocks, bumps and all the associated bruises during transport. That makes us very sad, because it means fruit and in some cases also vegetable lovers hardly ever get to be lucky enough to enjoy these great products at the height of their fruity delight.

FreshCube wouldn’t be FreshCube if we didn’t find a solution to fix that ongoing tragedy, so after searching for inspiration and doing a great deal of research, we came up with a new “ripening as you wish” concept. It’s called a RipeTablet (what’s in a name right, well, we really like shapes), and it’s what you could call an elegantly beautiful solution to an ugly persistent problem.

These RipeTablets are, shockingly, tablet shaped and look a bit like the detergent tabs you also use in your dishwasher, but that’s where the similarities end. Technically, they work like “reverse” scavengers. You probably know regular scavengers as those little white sacks filled with beads that you can sometimes find in packs of dried food snacks or even electronics that say “don’t eat” in multiple languages. These little pouches usually absorb moisture and sometimes certain environmental gasses to protect the product. RipeTablets don’t absorb anything though, but instead they release something, in this case a very effective and 100% natural ripening gas.

So instead of snugly parking your green unripe bananas next to and around the other unripe fruits of your desire, you put the fruit in a FreshCube or another suitably air-tight storage box together with a fresh RipeTablet. Once unpacked from its sleeve, the added RipeTablet will start to slowly and very evenly release ripening gas in the storage box. This is totally unlike those green bananas, that go absolutely bananas in releasing their very own ripening gas when they see another exotic fruit nearby. This overenthusiastic banana behaviour causes very overdone local ripening in other fruits, and that’s no good at all, as parts of the fruits may already get brown and super gooey soft, while other parts only just reaching their peak.

Fortunately, RipeTablets’ timed slow release ensures the fruits ripen fast and evenly. That way fruit is always ready on demand, so you can enjoy the fruits when you want, with the ripeness that you love. That’s actually both a convenience, and a health benefit, as ripe fruit is regarded as the better choice. With this innovative little chunk you as a buyer of fruit and vegetables aren’t just reducing the risk of wasting precious food, but you are also able to enjoy or serve them at their peak when you’re ready, without dependency of your local supplier’s talent for handling and storage.  So, try out our RipeTablet sometime, your fruits and you deserve it, and you will love it!

Benefits of the RipeTablet

  • Enjoy fruit and vegetables at your ideal ripeness-level
  • An easy to use method to control ripeness
  • No more waste because of under-ripe, or overripe products
  • No more dependency on your seller’s product management ability